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Thinking through the design work is worth spending a little time over - better to understand the objectives from the start than go round and round in circles later on when the deadline approaches.

As always we must maintain the corporate style. But equally we need to fit well into the range of materials or advertising already in existence, to ensure a consistent and sustainable customer experience and relationship.

The design must reflect the message contained in the piece, and most importantly identify with those it is aimed at.

So the first thing is to identify the profile of those it is aimed at - what imagery and language they respond to, what makes them feel reassured and confident in the product or service you are presenting to them. Having conveyed the right tone, we can make sure you get the right response.

Latitude28 pulls upon a resource of proven professionals from photography to illustration, we value experience but foster new talent, by doing so we execute a quality yet contemporary finished product.

We understand the difficulties of supplying a full brief at the outset - but as long as you know what works when you see it, we can get the job done. At Latitude28 we ask, and then we listen.

Products and services

Advertising, branding, brochures, CGI, copywriting, computer 3D design, concept visualisation, corporate identity, custom airbrushing, digital, graphic design, icons, illustration, informational design, leaflets, line drawing, logos, magazines, office stationery, on-pack design, packaging design and prototypes, photography, POS, posters, reconstructional illustration, super-photorealistic illustration, sustainable design, technical illustration.